[Evergreen] Evergeen 11.2 EoS/EoL

Stefan Lijewski lijewski.stefan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 22:40:26 CET 2013

Hi all,

with two last update for samba and krb5 openSuSE:11.2 supported by 
Evergreen team has just reached its End Of Support.
During the Evergreen part of life openSuSE:11.2 gets over 600 security 
patches, unfortunately there wasn't any stable kernel update, but I hope 
we all see the progress with every Evergreen version :-)

I mainly started supporting 11.2 because I needed it, but after short 
moment it shows up that it is really fun. Many thanks to Wolfgang and 
others Evergreens supporters!

Of course - the end of Evergreen support doesn't mean we don't accept 
next security patches for it, simply we won't be preparing any be 
Right now it's time to focus on Evergreen:11.4 and prepare for 13.1!

Many thanks to all supporters and users of 11.2!


BTW:according to wiki, openSUSE:11.2 starts on 12th Nov 2009, so it may 
be the longest supported version of openSUSE up to now - correct me if I 

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