[Evergreen] 12.3 vs 13.1 Evergreen

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at rosenauer.org
Sat Mar 9 11:02:33 CET 2013


and very sorry to bring up that topic again but I got another question
about the next Evergreen and we need to finalize our statement about
that I guess.

Those are the EOL deadlines from current and upcoming releases:

11.4: 7/2014 (incl. Evergreen)
12.1: 5/2013
12.2: 1/2014
12.3: 9/2014 (release 3/2013)
13.1: 5/2015 (release 1/2014)
13.2: 1/2016 (release 9/2014)

What we see here is that the very latest we need to support is 13.1
since 13.2's release is after 11.4 EOL.
But there is also one argument to support 12.3:
- the 12.3 EOL is already after 11.4
That means that from next week on there is no reason to use 11.4 anymore
for new installations but to go for 12.3 but still need to update in 18
months again which is not quite optimal I'd say.

Another thing to mention is that in case of an Evergreen 12.3 there is
no overlap in the extended support phase between 11.4 and 12.3 so no
double work expected still. The "break" gets shorter though ;-)

Since we rely on contributors like you all to get that really done what
we promise _now_ I'd like to hear your feedback asap.
So far we communicated 13.1 as a tentative next Evergreen but given the
above facts I'd also be willing to do 12.3 already personally.

And please, I'm really asking for feedback from people who help to get
the thing done since I know that "users" would like to have 5 years for
every openSUSE release anyway ;-) No need to point that out again.


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